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  • 57mm Thermal Paper Roll

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    57mm Thermal Paper Rolls

    57mm Thermal paper roll is another popular paper roll size. The 57mm paper rolls have many advantages such as ease of use, light to handle, quick output, cost-effective, low maintenance, and long-lasting prints. That’s why 57mm paper rolls are widely used in a variety of industries such as grocery stores, wholesale and retail stores, banks, fast foods and restaurants, they can be used as receipt slip, payment proof, parking tickets, betting terminal paper, etc.

  • 80mm Thermal Paper Roll

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    80mm Thermal Paper Rolls

    80mm Thermal paper roll is one of the most commonly used thermal paper sizes, used primarily in different transaction slip and bill printer machines.The print quality on thermal paper is clearer than on normal paper, and is less likely to fade. Also, thermal paper rolls are easier to handle than conventional paper. Thermal paper is more flexible and can be easily loaded and aligned in the printer. Our 80mm thermal rolls are of superior quality and fit many thermal printer brands, including Epson, Citizen, Posiflex, Samsung, Fujitsu, Axiohm, Star and many others.

    We can also print creative artwork on your paper rolls to make it a great marketing tool. Our 80mm Thermal paper is imported by countries all over the world: South Africa, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and many others. Samples are free for you to test before you place any order. Check out the 80mm thermal roll sizes below, and please contact us if you have any questions.

    We also supply 80mm Thermal Paper rolls of various widths as follows 80mm x 80mm Thermal Paper Roll, 80mm x 83mm Thermal Till Roll, 80mm x 76mm Thermal Paper Roll, 80mm x 70mm Thermal Paper Roll, 80mm x 60mm Thermal Paper Roll, 80mm x 80m Thermal Cash Roll, 80mm x 60m Thermal Printer Paper Roll

  • ATM Receipt Paper Roll

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    ATM Receipt Paper Rolls

    ATM Receipt paper rolls are made from thermal paper that is used for receipts in ATM transactions. They are soft, smooth and white. The paper surface is coated with chemicals that can turn black upon heat. After the customer completes the transaction in ATM terminal, the terminal will print out the ATM receipt paper.

  • Bond Paper Rolls

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    Bond Paper Rolls

    Bond paper roll (also called woodfree paper roll, normal paper roll) looks like ordinary white paper. It is made from the jumbo bond paper roll and used for receipt printers with ink ribbons, while thermal paper can be used for receipt printers without ink since it has the chemical coating on its surface.

    Bond paper has a specially treated surface that consistently produces images with high-resolution color prints, crisp lines, and high-contrast color, making it ideal for everyday black and color line drawings. Plus it is compatible with most HP designed printers.

  • Carbonless Continuous Paper

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    Carbonless Continuous Paper

    Carbonless continuous paper, also known as computer paper sheet, is made from NCR (no carbon required) paper, mainly used for receipt printer or dot matrix printer, it usually has many copies. The purpose of many copies is it can be kept by many parties. For example, when you check out in the hotel, the bill can be printed on the NCR paper, the customer can take away one copy, the front desk can keep one copy, and the hotel owner can inspect the financial condition by the copies.

  • Thermal Label Rolls

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    Thermal Label Rolls

    The thermal label roll is a new addition to our production line in 2016! Thermal label rolls have an even wider market than thermal paper rolls, and we are now moving into the thermal label industry. Thermal label products are widely used in packing, shipping, identification, office, retail, equipment, containers, cartons….. almost every industry will use label roll products.

  • Thermal Paper Roll

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